2013 Film Download “Brokeback Boathouse”

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The download for our 2013 film “Brokeback Boathouse”.

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3 reviews for 2013 Film Download “Brokeback Boathouse”

  1. 5 out of 5


    Excellent quality and production. Very impressed. Good advert for Canon 7D.

    • :

      Thanks, Craig! The stills were shot with the 7D, but the film was shot on a Sony XDCam – not sure which one!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Have just watched 2013 having seem 2014 first then 2012. Interesting to trace the development of the frontal nudity – just occasional glimpses in 2012, and more or less non-stop in 2014! But in this one certain individuals stand out as only too happy to show off their wares, most strikingly Lee. Some of the boys who were happy to show all in 2014 are here still clutching at their crotch for most of the time; even Matt (who has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!) does lots of covering here, whereas a year later he seems very happy to let his manhood flap around at every opportunity. Personaly I do prefer the hair styles in this one – more short back and sides, and less obvious salon work: by 2014 hair styling was just one way in which there seemed to be a general faux-celeb treatment of the designated ‘stars’. Footnote: what a shame the drop dead gorgeous cheeky-chappy cox from 2012 didn’t make it into the age of full frontal! Is there no chance of persuading him back for a guest appearance next year?

    • :

      Thanks for your comments, Peter. We didn’t actually use any hair-styling in 2014, but did ask that the boys turn up without hangovers. That might be the difference! And believe us, we’ve tried to get Tom the cox back, but he moved from rowing to lacrosse, and has now left the university. A loss to us all!!


      The Boys


  3. 4 out of 5


    Just watched this film AGAIN. Alexander gives real character, with his sexy broken English; especially like his anguished squawk when Jack (pause while I go weak at the knees) suggests starting from the bottom and working upwards!

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