Crowdfunder 2016

For 2016, we believe we have created our best ever Crowdfunder rewards.   You can get great deals on our existing stock, and unbeatable prices on our exciting new range of 2016 products, including:

  • a calendar which gives you both big pictures and fantastic functionality
  • exotic new locations, including an English country estate and an outstanding Spanish villa
  • films shot in England, Spain and the USA
  • more bonus images than ever, including a lot more that we could not put in the calendar!
  • our very first coffee table book, beautifully produced to show the Warwick Rowers as you have never seen them before.

Each package offers a significant saving over the standard prices in our shops, and there is no time to waste!  

2016 products are not ready for immediate dispatch/download. Calendars will ship from mid-September, the bonus packs will be available in late October, the 2016 film will be ready for download in early November, and The Book will be shipped in time for Christmas.

Please note that prices in sterling and euros include EU taxes.  Prices in US dollars for delivery to the EU will attract EU sales tax.* All prices exclude delivery charges where applicable.

Instant Rewards

We’re offering huge savings on our regular store prices!  See individual packages for details.

The below packages are cumulative, and contain everything in the previous package.

Bronze collection: Months and months of muscles!! Get up to speed with digital image downloads of all first five calendars (up to 2014) for just £17.99/€25.99/$24.99
(Value as sold separately is £32/€45/$43 – save over 40%!)

Silver collection: This package adds all of our previous bonus download images up to 2014 for £54.99/€69.99/$69.99
(Value as sold separately is £120/€165/$160 – better than half price!)

Gold collection: Why not add the poetry of motion? This package adds our first three calendar shoot documentary films from 2012, 2013 and 2014 for just £79.99/€114.99/$109.99
(Value as sold separately is £185/€260/$250 – better than half price!)

Platinum collection: Add the WR15 digital content (calendar images, bonus downloads and the Ultra HD calendar shoot documentary film. Does not include any bonus films) on the top of everything else for only £119.99/€159.99/$149.99
(Value as sold separately is £270/€375/$360 – better than half price!)

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Bonus Bolt-ons

6 greeting cards: £3.99/€5.99/$4.99

Laurence in field poster: £6.99/€9.99/$9.99

Sport Allies T-shirt: £11.99/€16.99/$15.99  (Limited availability in Large)

Sport Allies hoodie: £29.99/€41.99/$39.99 (No availability in Medium)

Sport Allies wristband: £1.99/€2.99/$2.99

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This is what everyone has been waiting for!  Our 2016 range includes films shot in England, Spain and the USA, more and bolder bonus still images than we have ever produced before, and a calendar that delivers beautiful big pictures as well as great functionality.  AND WITH OUR CROWDFUNDER, YOU SAVE UP TO 30% ON OUR REGULAR PRICES!

The below packages are cumulative, and contain everything in the previous package.

Every Day, Every Which Way: Be the first to see our new calendar with a digital download of the 2016 calendar images as wallpapers, knowing that the print calendar with full calendar functionality is on its way to you in the post… £14.99/€19.99/$19.99

Men in Motion: Do you want to see the boys and the WR16 team shooting their calendar? We believe our 2016 Ultra HD film will be our best yet!!! Covering two four-day shoots, one in England and one in Spain, this is going to be more like a two-part box set than a single film. Get the 2016 HD film with your calendar for only £41.99/€59.99/$54.99

Atlantic Crossing:  If you’ve been waiting for footage of our US tour, and want to catch up with some of last year’s favourite guys, this is the package for you! With this package, we will add the film of our US tour (featuring Laurie, Matt, Ollie, Chris, Tom and Tristan) AND an exclusive bonus still image download pack from the American tour for £59.99/€84.99/$79.99

A Day in the Country:  Top notch! Why not add our 2016 bonus still image downloads from our four days of shooting in England, around the boathouse and in the elegant grounds of Sherbourne Park? The bonus packs include a very racy super-bonus pack that is not available for individual sale. £89.99/€124.99/$119.99

A Weekend in Andalucia: On top of everything else, this package adds all our 2016 bonus photo downloads from four days of shooting in and around Marbella, Spain, including a day trip to the beautiful Atlantic coast.  As before, the bonus packs include a very racy super-bonus photo pack that is not available for individual sale. Please note that this does not include the bonus film. For the bonus film please see The Book below. For only £119.99/€169.99/$159.99

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WR16 Collectibles

You can splash out on our very best reward ever, or you can get a signed calendar for just a little bit more than the regular one.  AND you will save up to 20% on our regular store prices!!

Calendar signed by the boys £34.99/€49.99/$49.99
Have your copy of the calendar hand-signed by the boys!  This also includes a digital download of the 2016 calendar images as wallpapers.

#WR16The Book 
This individually-numbered book, produced to exceptionally high standards in a limited edition of 1000 copies, will contain 200 pages showing the very best photography from our WR16 shoots this year, with none of the restrictions that apply to the calendar or the bonus downloads.   This is a completely new departure for the Warwick Rowers, and we think our most daring yet!  We will also include a free download of the very best of the raw, unedited footage from our Ultra HD film shoots in England, Spain and the USA. £220/€310/$340

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*A note about our pricing.

Depending on your location, the prices on our site are presented in one of three currencies:  US dollars, British pounds, or euros.   Our prices in pounds and euros include sales tax in European Union (EU) countries.  Please note that purchases of our products in US dollars for delivery within the EU will attract the local rate of tax for the item in question.