Hello from the Warwick Rowers!

Thanks for coming to visit our little boathouse on the internet. We are probably best known around the world for our naked calendars, but we’re also a real sports team, and have produced Olympic and world class competitive rowers.

Our calendars help us to fund our sport, and enable us to do our own outreach programme to young people called Sport Allies.


  • Rowers – Oliver/OllieWhat are you studying at Warwick University? History – with a specialisation in the History of Doormats! What made you choose rowing? I wanted a sport that would allow me to exercise shirtless as often as possible. What’s the best thing/worst thing about rowing? The best: the feeling you get pushing yourself to the edge ...READ MORE »
  • Rowers – PaddyDo you have a nickname? Several actually: First Sea Lord, Special Guest West and Jesus 2.0 What’s your star sign? Ladatarius And your home town? Minas Tirith, Gondor What are you studying at Warwick University? A PhD in Engineering focusing on Environmental Resources. What made you choose rowing? I like training harder than anyone else ...READ MORE »
  • What the Papers Say– #WR15 Is the Story!It’s been an enormously exciting week for both the Warwick Rowers and for Sport Allies. And we’re not the only ones excited by last week’s London calendar launch with top actor Sir Ian McKellen – the media have been picking up our story and sharing it all over the world. We’re all big fans of ...READ MORE »

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