Hello from the Warwick Rowers!

Thanks for coming to visit our little boathouse on the internet. We are probably best known around the world for our naked calendars, but we’re also a real sports team, and have produced Olympic and world class competitive rowers.

Our calendars help us to fund our sport, and enable us to do our own outreach programme to young people called Sport Allies.


  • WR16 – The Rowers’ Shoot Diaries Harry aka Wolf is the first Naked Rower to share his Shoot Diary with fans. He enjoyed the opportunity to strike ‘playing croquet naked’ off his bucket list and discovered that well-conditioned hair got him an unexpected compliment.
  • Tristan 2016 Tristan from Truro loves numbers and wearing lycra to the library. He’s also a huge fan of Beyonce, would like to travel by helicopter, eat steak with Prince and is offering to work for food!
  • Gabriel This Devon boy is a water baby who likes shirtless guys, would like to share a lasagne with Emma Watson and just might go into politics one day!

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