Hello from the Warwick Rowers!

Thanks for coming to visit our little boathouse on the internet. We are probably best known around the world for our naked calendars, but we’re also a real sports team, and have produced Olympic and world class competitive rowers.

Our calendars help us to fund our sport, and enable us to do our own outreach programme to young people called Sport Allies.


  • Fear and Loathing in The Boathouse: The Rower’s ErgIf you’ve ever been to a gym, or watched a home shopping channel, chances are that you’ve seen an erg. It’s basically a rowing machine, but it’s a lot more than that to us.READ MORE »
  • ThomasThomas is a student of advanced multiplication who thinks running is an alternative form of transport to a boat, and whose favourite food is tuna.READ MORE »
  • CyrilSwiss rower C.Y., who is also a keen skier, has ambitions to sail around the world and loves the feeling of achievement that rowing gives him.READ MORE »

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